Recent Storm Damage Posts

Flooded Hallway

12/11/2017 (Permalink)

Water in the hallway

At SERVPRO of Indian Wells we are capable of handling any size disaster. When we experience a localized catastrophe we can deploy the necessary personnel to assist with the problem. Storm issues are different from a normal water damage, since there are many people affected and the water carry’s a lot contaminants the material affected has to be cleaned or removed.

In this picture we see a shot of flooded hallway in a residence. There is several inches of standing water and sometimes the team is not able to extract the water until the water from outside has receded and drained. When this occurs the material exposed to water can sustain a large amount of damage and instead of restoring we are basically removing. This makes storms a very difficult project.

Flooding at Local Hotel

9/21/2016 (Permalink)

Flooded Hallway at local Hotel

During the 2014 stom event here in the Coachella valley, multiple cities where affected quite heavily. As is the case with a storm - the availible provider network can become compromised. This is where we shine as an organization.

We were able to activate Strom Team and have the neccesary resources deployed from our fellow franchises here in Socal region. We are happy to say that over 20 franchises where able to send vehicles and staff to help.

Among many projects that, SERVPRO was called to assist with a hotel that had one of the auxilliary wings under water. There where over 20 rooms affected and almost (1) feet of standing water.

After the water extraction and removal of affected materials, they were all set to be rebuilt.

Ready for any size disaster, SERVPRO!